XOo°F is a set of tools for building application servers wich,

  • have open interfaces: it must be as easy as possible to invoke the services provided by the application server from any platform and through any protocol;

  • have good interface documentation: all the services exposed by the application server must be thoroughly documented, and the documentation must always be synchronized with the actual implementation.

These goals are attained by using XML-based specifications and message formats:

  • the specifications of the services exposed by each application server are written in XML;

  • the specifications (schemas) of the messages exchanged for each service are written in XML;

  • the messages exchanged with the application server are in XML format.

XOo°F consists of an XML specification language and a development framework for Java, Python and the .NET platform.

From the XML specifications, XOo°F can generate Java, Python or C# server-side and client-side code, HTML or PDF documentation, WSDL, XSD and DTD.